Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pretty Please...Touch....

I have had some really fun weddings this season at the Please Touch Museum - it was a delight to be there again for their latest Open House. Sofia Negron had a table set up there too, so we had a fun time chatting it up with the ladies. I love to see the newly engaged couples with their families, so fresh in the process - exploring all their options. I did the design for my two tables backwards this time and took the cloths into consideration first. Meet gorgeous number one and gorgeous number two:
Once I had those it was off to the market - I selected what was freshest and most conducive to the linens. Then there was the design...Sofia had pointed out to me one time that it seems like my thing was 'collections.' I had never really noticed this - but now I was painfully aware that given free reign I cram a lot into the center of the table. So I like a lot to look at sometimes! Maybe if more gals felt this way I wouldn't have to feed the compulsion every open house!

I digress - so I said "don't worry - no collections this time!" but low and behold these new silver foiled container arrived and I just had to do it!

 And this was not meant to be a "Fall" display - but it sure would be a lovely option for the season...

 And I am still applying for that job as Sofia's assistant: 

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